What to Expect

If you’re a business author who wants to have a thriving speaking career, you must understand how the industry works. Just as you’ve most likely had a recent education about the way the publishing industry operates while publishing your book(s), you’ll need to take a closer look at why people hire business authors to speak. I’ll give you an insider’s perspective.

Over 18 years of working directly with Tom Peters—the best-selling business author and speaker who is one of the founders of the industry—has given me a deep understanding of the components of speaking success. I’ve learned what attracts and motivates speaking clients, as well as how to build an audience around an idea. I’ve worked with business authors at various stages of their speaking careers as well, so my experience extends beyond well-established brands.

Through a series of customized one-on-one coaching calls, we’ll cover topics including the following:

Speaking Client’s Dream User Experience – Is working with you delivering on your brand promise? Do clients think they’re getting what they’re paying for?

Excellent Performance – We’ll discuss simple strategies you can use to dramatically improve your impact on the audience.

Exceptional Online Presence – When clients look for you, are they thrilled by what they find?

Compelling Content Strategy – How can you connect with your fan base with consistent, quality content and still have a life?

Stellar Networking Strategy – Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Appropriate Fee Structure – How much should you be charging for your offerings?

Evangelical Team – Who are the members of your team (literary agent, speaking agent, etc.), and are they the right fit for you?