Would you like to book more speeches that pay you well?

Are you charging enough for your keynotes and workshops?


Were you frustrated with your last book launch experience?

What is the best way for your ideas to make more of an impact?


Are you struggling with how to reach a wider audience?

Does it feel like you’re juggling too many platforms?

Shelley Dolley will give you strategic, effective advice so that you can take the right steps, in the right order to accelerate your success.

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Thought leaders turn to Shelley Dolley when they need to build and grow their brands. She draws her insights from her twenty-year involvement in managing the career of speaking legend Tom Peters, who some say birthed the speaking industry.

“Shelley possesses the rare combination of extraordinary real world expertise and the compassion to truly understand the goals and dreams of the professionals she represents. If you are an author and a speaker then you know that there are almost as many pieces of advice out there as there are books. And most contradict each other. So what is an author and/or speaker to do when they want to avoid mistakes, have a smarter strategy and build the largest possible audience? I highly recommend you do what I did and call Shelley.”

Howard Mann

Author of Your Business Brickyard.

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