Shaping the careers of exceptional business speakers

Big thinkers are passionate about their ideas and want to share them with the world. They often become overwhelmed by the swirling mass of choices involved in how to spread their ideas. Traditional vs. self-publishing? Which social media outlets are most effective? It’s easy to get lost in the details.
That’s where I come in.

I help business authors grow

successful speaking careers.

How? While working for a decade with some of the most respected names in the speaking industry, I’ve been a student of what works and what doesn’t. Through a series of coaching calls, I guide speakers to develop customized brand strategies in order to earn the highest possible fees. I provide an insider’s view on what speaking clients are looking for and create clear paths of actionable steps to surpass the client’s expectations. I help to assemble the right team of industry professionals to assure a business author’s brand and ideas make the biggest impact.

“Shelley possesses the rare combination of extraordinary real world expertise and the compassion to truly understand the goals and dreams of the professionals she represents. If you are an author and a speaker then you know that there are almost as many pieces of advice out there as there are books. And most contradict each other. So what is an author and/or speaker to do when they want to avoid mistakes, have a smarter strategy and build the largest possible audience?  I highly recommend you do what I did and call Shelley.” – Howard Mann, author of Your Business Brickyard


Rajesh Setty interviewed me about speaking professionally. We covered how to get your first paid speaking gig, improving your chances of getting booked, how to earn more as a speaker, self-publishing as it relates to speaking, and more. Read the interview here.